Top Ten Reasons For Staging Vacant Homes

1. According to statistics, for every $1,000 spent on staging, there is a $10,000 return on investment. 2. Staging creates a model home environment thereby elevating the home’s image and bringing higher offers. 3. It is proven that staged homes sell two to three times faster than comparable non-staged homes. 4. Because staged homes sell quicker, homeowners may save thousands in potential price reductions and continued carrying costs including   mortgage payments. 5. Higher offers and faster sales equal more money. 6. Staging showcases the features of the home so buyers realize its full potential and benefits over the competition. 7. Staged homes feel warm and inviting and help buyers mentally move in. 8. Without furniture, artwork, and accessories, the buyer has no choice but to notice the condition of the walls, floors, and fixtures that may need updating. 9. Staging accents the positives and downplays the negatives. 10. Small … Continue reading “Top Ten Reasons For Staging Vacant Homes”