Curb Appeal The Real First Impression

Look at your property from across the street. What is your first impression of the house and yard? Take a photo of your property and look at it on your computer. This will simulate what buyers will see.

Curb Appeal and Backyard Tips

  •  Maintain regular watering, mowing, edging and weeding schedule.
  •  Remove any dead plants and replace with seasonal colorful plants when appropriate.
  •  Add fresh mulch to all beds.
  •  Remove lawn décor & equipment.
  •  Make sure front porch/entry way is clean and inviting.
  •  Make sure trees or bushes don’t touch people as they walk up to the front 
  •  Make sure sprinklers are working.
  •  Repaint front door, if needed.
  •  Power wash the outside of the house.
  •  Make sure the porch lighting is 
working and free of cobwebs and spiders.
  •  Use outdoor furniture to create inviting spaces.
  •  Same rules apply to back yard.